Skill Assist

for whatever reason I still feel compelled to continue to compare my our skill system to D20 <shrug> oh well

in ordinary D20 characters can help each other do stuff; they still can but there’s some changes.

IN D20 basically one person is going to make a check, and others are going to assist. the assist ers role a check as normal and then the assist ed gets to add two (2) to his check for each of his assistants that made a DC10.

here we’ll be a bit better off I think. the assist er makes his Check. that number is divided by 10 and the assisted gets twice that as a bonus. so instead of the assist ers aiming for DC 10 take-it-or-leave-it the better they are at what you’re doing, the more they can help you. you don’t just get +2 if they make a DC10 you get +2 per multipul of ten that they make

EXAMPLE: you’re making a Perform (any) Check and one of your friends is going to back you up with his own Perform (any) Check.

  • they role: +(Dice)=(Check) let’s say it’s 38 total
  • they divide: /10=R (“R” just as a reference number)using our 38 that 3.8 more commonly known as three (3). no fractions
  • they multiply: 2R=A (“A” being the value of their assistance) still using that 38 we get six (6)
  • you add: A+(other modifiers)=(current modifiers)

that goes for Heal Hide, just about anything you could possibly influence

yes, the assist ers Merit a Test for helping out

One more thing: me-too if you want but who ever’s doing it, is the one doing it. if you’re trying the skill on your own that’s fine too but I don’t wanna hear ‘oh you have plus what to this? you should be assisting me
quit Min-Maxing and play.


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Skill Assist

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