Skill Advancement

What Happens When I Pass The Test?
in ordinary D20 you only get skill points when you get more Hit Dice (HD). As you know that is different here.

in ordinary D20 when you get more skill points, how much you get it is determined by what class you are and your character’s Intelligence modifier ([Int]). that is somewhat different here.

  • instead of being determined by what class you are it is determined by which class you’re going to be . it’s as if you character is currently training to be the class he will become. that may seam really weird at first but remember you’re starting play with a zero (0) level character, with basically no skill points (see Cha Gen for details on that). the skill points you get during the Prologue are based on the Class you will have when the Prologue is over.

in ordinary D20 you get (x) + [Int] (whare “x” is a number determined by your Class) skill points to distribute among all the Skills that there are in the game, and can’t ever have more points in any one Skill than 3+HD (or (3+HD)/2 if it’s a cross class skill for your Class). I’ve already described how Max-Ranks works, let me tell you about that “x”.

  • when you “pass the Test” you role a die (D) and add [Int] and then add that many SP to that Skill
    D+[Int]=new SP
  • we actually get “D” directly from “x”
  • Example: was (4+[Int])/LV now (1d6+[Int])/“passed Test”

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Skill Advancement

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