Tribal nomads travel the harsh lands of Etheria, cycling geography with the seasons. A King arrives and unites these tribes. With his adviser, a strange seer of distant things, the king leads these people to settle in a once great city long since abandoned and the people thrive there.

((Written by a human child – one of the PCs?))

About a dozen full years ago, all the tribes were brought together by King DuFrost – who must have came down from the mountains where it is always winter – and we came to live in a very old city that nobody lived in anymore.

The city is enormous! It’s is full of strange statues, and some of the buildings have weird carvings on them, like people or animals or even words in a language that nobody knows, but some people are trying to figure it out. There are lots of things that people don’t know about the city like who lived here before us or how long ago they left or why.

It seams like a real nice place to live. It has walls all the way around it, and a big door in the front and a few smaller ones here and there, so if trolls or Vangot try to come and take us away and eat us, we can just close the doors and we’d be safe because they can’t get in. Still, some people don’t like the walls, and call them confining, but the city is so big that we only use a small part of it. There are parts that we’re not supposed to go to and other parts that nobody’s been in yet.

The city is way at the far end of the Great Plane and a little ways away the land just stops altogether! Far below where the land ends there’s a sea. In the sea there’s lots of fish, so every morning some people climb down the steps with their nets and get into the boats that were found there and catch the fish for us to eat. We do eat an awful lot of fish these days.

Not everyone catches fish though. While the land ends altogether behind the city, on another side it’s only cracked and then the land keeps going. The crack is so wide that the Mighty River fits at the bottom of it. The people who lived here before us made a bridge to cross the crack. Hunters bring back animals and beasts from the other side so we don’t have to eat fish all the time.

Now that we live in the city we don’t go looking for roots or fruit anymore. We have them all right here. A few places have been set aside for growing things. New things are being grown now that we found growing in the city and didn’t even know about years ago.

Life is very different now than it was when we would move around from place to place because of the seasons. It is a new age for our people.


Bronze-Age Adventures

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