World Stuff

as I said we’ll be using Ravenloft core and supplemental rules, with some special considerations.

the most significant diffrence from Ravenloft, as you may know it, is that I’m running it ( what I mean by that). The 2nd biggest diffrence from a normal Ravenloft game is that it is not a Ravenloft game at all; I’m just using the system. technically you could say this story occures in an Island Domain isolated from “The Core.” If that helps you sleep at night I’ll allow it; you may need all the help you can get. Muahhahahaha! hahaha! Muahhahahaha! >coff< >coff< (ware was I?)

Right, so that’s a big diffrence right there. no Strad, no Borka or Sithicus, and no IC use of the name Ravenloft. Pretty much the rest of it applies: Fear/Horror/Madness saves, feats, races (excpt as noted elsewhare), classes, and oh yes culture levels. this game will be Bronze age with standard magic. there are quite a lot of spell casters in Old City. Bronze age means Bronze items.

Flora and Fauna: here the world is even more ancient than our rugged Bronze-Age tech level. it’s so primitive it’s almost Jurassic. beasts are more likely scaly than furry. the hoof is completely unknown. there are no sheep, or cows, or horses.


comeing soon: more Flaura & Fauna, geography, more on Religion, places and people

World Stuff

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