Story Format

As for format the story will be broken up into ten (10) “Chapters”. There’ll be no XP in this game ; instead we’ll be leveling at the beginning of each chapter. (see System Stuff for more details on XP and leveling) Sometimes I may give you the players the choice, weather or not to “turn the page” and begin the next chapter and sometimes I won’t.

the game will begin with a “Prologue” (link forthcoming) during which the PCs will be 0th level. this is the time to become familiar with the rules, the world, and the other PCs. you know: stretch your legs; do that growing up stuff.

some story elements will advance regardless of chapter, some will not. and that’s the nitty-gritty on story format.

oh, before somebody tries to find out the hard way: yes, you can die in the Prologue
disclaimer issued.

Story Format

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