Lok Pirced

Lok Pirced is the ancestrial homeland of The Pirced Factions

it lies quite a ways west of Mighty River, in the planes of the western mountains. it is said (by the Pirced) that they had known the secrets of steel and that it was not the greatest of their accomplishments. but even this great and sophisticated metropolis fell before the Vangot who make lifeless tombes of any structure.

it has been declaired that any of the Pirced who wish to be accknowledged as an adult of the clan must journy to Lok Pirced and retrive some artifact of evidance, so that the other clans can recognize their superiority. none have done so in this generation.

Glass man has made this journy, though he began during the Time of Travels. he is well recognised not only as an adult but has the rank of Elder. Glasman returned with more than glass. the glass alone proves the traditions passed down to him by his forfathers were fact. almost nothing could have been more important to him personally. he also brought a book, a leather bound journal of paper pages.

the journal belonged to a glassblower from so long ago, and tells in detail and with illustrations the means of the craft. from that day forward the chiding nickname “glass-man” given to an obsessive dreamer, became the proud title “Glassman” verafier of not one but two ancient crafts.

Lok Pirced

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