Krom & Tal-War'm

((OK so I stole Krom’s name from Conan <shrug> anyway…))
these two deities are presented here together in the same listing not because they have any relationship to eachother but because I realize that they ((truely accidentally)) are exact opposites of eachother. I did not intend for them to seam so much the opposite sides of the same coin but

Krom is the earth; he is the mountains, he is everywhare and inexcapeable. Krom is right, and he is good. he is a maker of fine things. water and life come from Krom.

  • worshipers: his worshipers are refined and disiplined and civilized. any Dwarf almost cretinly worships him and most practioniers of the Stone College are his followers too.
  • symbol: there’s no symbol for Krom. Krom needs no symbol. only distant, absent things need symbols as reminders.

Tal-War’m is unlike Krom in every way. she is known as The Destroyer, and The Baren Mother of Troles. she gives nothing, makes nothing, and loves nothing.

  • Worshipers women almost never worship her, as they are nurturers and life givers, trates not well tolerated among ardent followers of the Tenants of Nothing. anyone unlucky enough to meet such mad folk are sure to be in a place as wild as its inhabitants. her worshiers comit cerimonial murders in her name. they do this on alters or beneth statues dedicated to her. their favorite victems are women the prittier the more applicable.
  • Symbol her worshipers flaunt her symbol and emblazen in on theit dirty tunics, or defile decent objects and structurs they can not more easily smash with it. they even burn or cut it into their own skin. the symbol… grotesque, vial, and discusting fail to describe it. it is the immage of vestigial female genitals spread a gap and displaying a maw of razor-sharp teeth.

Krom & Tal-War'm

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