there’s a few “factions” involved in the story. these aren’t meant to be dividers so much as categories. they exist less as a way separating NPCs In-Character (IC), and more as a way of identifying them Out of Character (OC)

The Poeple

  • Dwarves three proud families, called Halls, live in Old City Schmalt, Krauft, and Shelduard
  • Gnomes most of the Gnomes left, they jut couldn’t get along with the rest of The People.
  • Men (wolf clan, the pierced, bear clan, other men)
  • Halflings like mad packs of savage ravenous midgets.
  • the councle (political leaders of The People)
  • merchants (folks who have a trade or craft they ply in Old City)
  • Masters (heads of the various colleges of magic
    see aslo: “magic” in System Stuff)
  • the watch (Cops, the Law, police, city guards, same difference)
  • rejects (or perhaps more accurately rejectors) former members of The People who have left Old City for their own reasons)
  • Outsiders (farmers and herdsmen who live outside the walls of Old City but come to town regularly for business)

The Predecessors who were they? and why did they all leave Old City? what happened to them?

Korkan’s Pirates a misadventure or two and this turn of phrase has stuck to the first-meet neighbors of The People.

gods Great Sun (worhiped as: Great Rooster, Great Seahorse, Lovers, Strong), [[ Krom & Tal-War’m | Krom, Tal-Warm ]]


  • giants
  • troles
  • troglodites
  • Goblins


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