About The DM

This page is intended to be about me as a DM & the related philosophies I espouse. It’s not supposed to be about me IRL. I felt that this was an important thing to include because it dose have significant bearing on the game as far as how it’s run and there are plenty of things players may want to know in advance.

first of all you kind of have to trust me. in a way that seams to go without saying. I mean would any of us want to play in a game run by someone we didn’t trust or thought would cheat us or is “out to get us”? of course not. but if you’ve been playing a while it’s probably happened that you were on the dark side of that coin. for some of us it’s happen so consistantly that we expect it. and that is truly unfortunate.

I am not out to gettcha! yes, we are for all intents and purposes playing in Ravenloft. yes, your characters can die, or much much worse. it’s a bronze-age setting and that alone makes the world hazardous. but I assure you I don’t meta game behind the screen to see how much I can torture you by tormenting your PC.

I have a story to tell. one I’ve always wanted to be told, but there was never anyone so interested in telling it as I was in hearing it. Now, thanks to D&D, Ravenloft, and other sources maybe that story can be told. but I can’t tell it alone, and I won’t be the only one telling the story. Ideally we’ll be telling each other.

I like dice. not because they’re random; I like them because they make the game more interisting. sometimes even a virtual cirtenty will fail. if I wanted to just denote every tiny detail I could. no you miss, congrats you crit. it’s very boring to alwayse know what to expect.

dice are good but real live human intellect is better. it’s been my experience that there is nothing quite so unpredictable as a Player Character. so you see I not only want you folks involved in this game, I want you people involved.

I’m not going to abuse you. because although I already know what the story is, I want to see how you tell it. you as a group; you as a party. and I’m eager to see how it ends.

that’s enough for now

About The DM

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