Tag: Merchant


  • Sako

    Sako is the son of the glass blower. while his father strugels to rederive the craft of his ancestors Sako has become the public face of the family. all business arangements are made by Sako, who is relaxed enough of temperment to negociate with would-be …

  • Master Rune

    Master Rune is a Dwarf and shares the history and legacy of all the Dwarves in Old City. singly he had perhaps the best relations with the Gnome contingent of The People. his beard in encrusted with dozens of metal beads each intricately carved with …

  • Ike

    it's no secret: Ike's got his eye on Tabitha. Who can blame him, but her father dose. he's about the only person in the whole City that dosn't think Ike's a proper fella.