Wooly Sark

it looks like a wooly sark


it’s made from the skins of some wooly creature (clearly not a sheep because sheep have hooves and no creature in Etheria has hooves)

grants its wearer “Hide in Plain Sight” at will

it gives +200 to each of the following skills

  • Bluff
  • disguise
  • escape artist
  • feel
  • forgery
  • gather information
  • hide
  • knowledge (Player Character)
  • listen
  • move silently
  • research
  • scry
  • search
  • sense motive
  • smell
  • spot
  • survival
  • taste

it also imposes a -200 penalty on the following skills when used by other characters (PC or NPC) with reference to the wearer especially all opposed roles

  • as above
  • knowledge (any)

wearer is treated as if completely surrounded by lead with a thickness of ten feet (10’) for purposed of any spell, spell-like, super natural, or extraordinary effect

may not be removed, dis-spelled, destroyed, damaged, disengaged, or countered in any way or by any means what so ever, not even a little bit

wearer is immune to critical hits, death effects, death, abiliy score drain/damage, and loss of Hit Points


joke item? what makes you say that?

Wooly Sark

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