Bear Clan Double-Ax

this bronze great ax has a large blade on both sides

weapon (melee)

this is the weapon of a bear-clansman. they are always of Masterwork or better quality. human PCs of the Bear clan will receive one @1st Lv.

apart from being masterwork, they are in all ways identical to the Great Ax described in the PHB, modified approperatly for materials. they also have one additional quality: you always win ties in initiative. this is what is meant by “swings both ways” (below).

Bear Clan members are considered “familiar” with these weapons (one step more proficient see System Stuff for rules modifications as pertains to racial familiarity). being their clan weapon they guard them jealously. all Bear clan members are automatically “hostile” toward “wrongful” owners.

traditionally they are fashioned of bronze, but there is no reason those with the skill could not make them out of other materials.


Iconic of the Bear Clan this heavy bronze ax boasts two large blades. seemingly slow, it is very well balanced and “swings both ways”. they are blazoned with a bare motif and are typically unique to a family or individual.

heir-less clansman are burred with the ax they bore in life. some have been given as gifts to show great respect to the recipient for his alliance and prowess as a warrior. woe betide any bearing one of these axes not so bestowed.

giving such a gift away or selling it would be seen as a mockery of the love shown by the givers. to posses a stolen Bear Clan Ax is to brag of the act and gloat over the incompatible of its rightful owner. likewise to have taken such a weapon is to call yourself the equal to or better of those who have earned theirs; a claim sure to be tested.

Bear Clan Double-Ax

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