a strange young Gnome


Wafner’s fun to be with. he likes to go exploring in Old City. sometimes he dose this with his friends and sometimes he goes alone. sometimes he comes back with excellent stories to tell and other times he has nothing to say about where he may have been or what he may have seen.

Wafner also likes to go out on the sea in a boat with his friends. he likes to swim and to fish, but his favorite thing is to climb to the small crows nest and be the look-out.


Wafner is one of the few Gnomes to be found in Old City these days (Prologue). maybe he didn’t leave with the rest of the Gnomes because he fits in with them about as well as he dose with the rest of The People.

Early in his life Wafner showed some talent for magic. several practitioners of the various colleges have tried to take him on as a student, only to give up on him shortly thereafter. he’s recently been banned all together from the Halls of Script. and that suits him just fine; he’d rather be out having fun anyway.


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