Maie is the best cook in the world!


Maie’s the propriotor of her self-named Hall. she cooks up what folks bring in and serves it up to her guests. for this she eats well and lives in one of the nicest places in Old City. people eat drink, maybe dance and sometimes get rowdy, so there’s always local guards there. Also Maie has the compleat and implicit protection of the hunter’s guild.

Maie is a very powerful person in Old City, weather she realizes it or not.


Poor dear Maie was widowed during the Time of Traveling. by the time The People made it to Old City she was well known as the very best cook. even some halflings claimed to be able to notice the quality of craft.

when realestate began getting devided up most folks were allowed to take whatever they wanted provided they could maintain it. Maie just wanted a simple life. She’d have been content with a little hut and a stove to feed her girls. but the hunters had other plans.

origonally they wanted her to take up residence in the lodge they’d selected for themselves, but she didn’t take kindly to that idea. so they offered her a chance to set up in a place of her own chosing, so long as it was real big and near enough to the lodge. well she found a place and since then there’s been no shortage of mouths to feed or hands to help


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