Lord Shorn Schmalt

Lord Shorn is the head of the Schamlt Hall


among the dwarves Lord Shorn is easily identified. he is the only Dwarf with a beard shorter than DuFrost’s. although all Dwarves attend all counsel meetings Lord Shorn holds one of the three seats provided for the Dwarves. he is head of the Schmalt Hall and the other stand beside him during the meetings, two on either side.

he like, all the Schmalts, is almost never seen out of full armor or without weapons; though he dose, out of courtesy, remove his helm when going indoors. his heavy breast plate proudly flaunts the Schmalt anvil and hammer. his over-sized left spalder is blazened with a shears.

he seldom ever speaks any language other than his native tongue, though when he addresses the council he dose so in common.


Lord Shorn Schmalt

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