A giant no longer burdoning The Poeple


son of LyraNon (AKA LyraNon the Troglodite), LoRak is a giant. thankfully the great oaf was not completely stupid. he left Old City on his own because he could tell how much trouble he was causing for everyone else.


LoRak was born in Old City shortly after the Time of Travels, to his mother LyraNon. it’s not known who his father was but LyraNon never had a husband… and there was some talk about her “habits”. what is known is that LoRak’s not not quite right; not quite human is more the truth of it. he couldn’t help but break most everything. and his temperament was like a wild animal. he was mostly at his best when he had a full belly, but his apatite was a problem all its own. his poor mother just couldn’t keep him feed.

then he began steeling. he had bouts of violence. he was truly becoming a menace. LoRak was big from day one, but as he grew so did the trouble he caused. by the time he left he was so big that he had to mind his head when going in or out of most doors. someone fashioned him a helmet lest he knock himself completely senseless. though by then there were few places he was welcome to enter.

his mother remains in Old City. sometimes she helps Maie tidy up after a party or serves food during a feast. perhaps some day, lacking LoRak as a persistent reminder, she’ll regain the respect of her neighbors. if so, even she’ll benefit form his absence. leaving was the best thing he could have done, both for The People and for himself.


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