Animal breader/trainer specializing in AxBeaks


Right, he’s a farmer of sorts. deals mostly in these great big bird-things he calls AxBeaks. well they’re big enough they could carry a man on their back if they had the notion to. and that’s the other part of Ike’s little business: getting the beasties to want to cooperate. he’s dang good at it to!

Ike has a booth in the market, but he seldom has and of his stock there. mostly he just goes there once a month and takes orders, accepts payment that kind of thing. Oh, he also deals in some for eatin’. he’ll fatten a few up for a while before a feast or what have you; bring em to Maie — that kind of thing.


it’s no secret: Ike’s got his eye on Tabitha. Who can blame him, but her father dose. he’s about the only person in the whole City that dosn’t think Ike’s a proper fella.


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