High Counsel representative of the Bear Clan


Cirikus is one of the last remaining members of the Bear Clan in Old City. he has remained behind to maintain good relations with the Counsel and The People. he is an elder of the clan, though not its chief.

he and his retainers still live in Old City and are well respected members of the community. his clan as a whole however is not as well thought of. the fact that they have chosen to return to the wilderness has labeled them barbarians.

Cirikus, himself is keen to keep involved not only in matters of state. he is an honorary member of the Hunters and, through his continued contact with his own clan, he is one of the primary sources of fine furs and skins in Old City. his hope is that these efforts will afford the Bear Clan welcome more than mere acptnace should they chose to return to Old City some day.

Cirikus is the oldest among The People.


Cirikius owns possesses and can use, both the clan ax and sark.


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